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Music theory is often regarded as one of the toughest subjects in any kind of music course. The trouble is that most students never feel interested in it. Initially they may display a lot of enthusiasm when you teach them the first few lessons, and may even come prepare for the next class when you set them some work. But ever, they lose interest. You end up feeling frustrated because they never really bother doing any of the work that you set them, and you end up teaching the same thing every time. Your students do not make the progress that you had hopes for, and it leaves a very unpleasant feeling.

However, no part of music must be unpleasant. Music is learnt by people so that they can find their inner rhythms, and can make a great career out of it. The delays and the "studying" that starts to feel like a chore has to be eliminated, so that students really appreciate the theory of music that they are learning. This is where Music Theory Worksheets are some of the best tools that you can get. These worksheets are one of the coolest tools available today that make students develop an everlasting interest in the subject.

Music Theory Worksheets usually combine the details where each student, with your guidance jots down the basic of each class that he has attended. When you plan your lessons, do ensure that the last 10 minutes of your time are spent in filling up these worksheets. At the end of each class, ask your students to come up with what they have understood out of the lesson, and engage the class in an in depth discussion. You can then ask them to fill up their Music Theory Worksheets with what they have learnt. These will help them prepare for their next class much better, as it is just a single page, and they will not have to memorize several pages of notes.

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