Violin Equipment Review – Coda Diamond GX Violin Bow

My late teacher, Mary West, told all of her students, "Let your Bow Be Your Voice." Indeed, a great bow allows our bow strokes to be precise and gives us an incredible feeling of control over the sound we produce. However, a poorly performing bow feels clumsy in the hand and often will not allow us to fully express ourselves. A clumsy bow shakes and quivers as it is drawn, may refuse to bounce, and often produces a fuzzy and unpleasing sound.

Although all of the new Diamond Series bows that I have tried are strong performers, this review covers only the GX.

Simply put, the GX is an amazing bow. Its performance is at the level of some of the finest wood bows I have played in my lifetime. These GX bows are consistent, well-balanced, and easy to control. They produce a strong, full sound, without shake or quiver, and are equally capable at long legato strokes and the most precise of spiccato bowings.

Although I encourage my students to try a wide variety of bows before choosing one to buy, I am amazed at how often they end up selecting the GX.

Priced around $ 650 retail, the GX may seem expensive compared to some of the other carbon fiber bows on the market. But the GX is truly in a class of its own and rivals some of the best bows I have ever played. And it may well be the last bow you will ever need to purchase, with the added benefit of being very sturdy and, if not unbreakable, very near so.

Now if only coda could make us a carbon fiber violin that sounds like a Strad.

Source by Lisa Ann Berman

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